Splash Cap
A lead product in our wound irrigation and wound care product line.


A novel approach to the delivery of medication and feedings for young children and the elderly.


A New Ergonomic Specimen Trap With Visualization Chamber for qualitative analysis of routinelyh suctioned material.


Universal Fit Hook &  Loop Cable Ties. Extremely vesatile and reusable. StraPro’s are a convenient solution for your cable management and organization needs. For use in the hospital, office, home or on the go!

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At evoMD  we have spent a lot of time looking for trouble.
We’ve looked for troubling problems that need a solution...

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The SplashCap. Wound Irrigation Device.  -- This device combines a bottle cap connection, and a splashshield  in a great,  all-in-one, cost saving device.

We found both!

Here you will see showcased a portion of the products that we have developed. We think that you will agree that all of  the products are very innovative and useful.

You’ll find them welcome additions to your product offerings that will not only improve your bottom line, but also improve your buyers’ satisfaction and loyalty.

Some of the products are stand-alone items and others are part of developing  product lines. All of our products are designed to be disposable.  They incorporate simple designs with simple manufacturing processes.

Our areas of development include the following product lines:

  • Emergency Room products.
  • Wound Irrigation and Wound Care.
  • Neonatal Products.
  • Suction and Airway Devices.
  • Medication Delivery/IV infusion/Cable Management.
  • ENT disposables.
  • Needle Protection.

We look forward to talking to you about sales opportunities or even licensing arrangements.

We’re continuing to develop additional product offerings in the future.  If you have a particular need, contact us.  We may already have a product that you would be interested in, or we can help develop one for you.  We have many other products that are not shown as they may be in earlier stages of development.  If you are interested, just ask.

*All products shown are patent protected either by an issued patent or one pending.

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