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Splash Cap
A lead product in our wound irrigation and wound care product line.


A novel approach to the delivery of medication and feedings for young children and the elderly.


MecAspirator  & MecSuction Universal Neonatal Suction Device!  These two models combine a meconium aspirator and a neonatal suction device in one product that allows you to be better prepared for ALL deliveries!  


Universal Fit Hook &  Loop Cable Ties. Extremely vesatile and reusable. StraPro’s are a convenient solution for your cable management and organization needs. For use in the hospital, office, home or on the go!


HockBlock Tongue Depressor Cough Shield

Protective Plastic Barrier
Transparent Viewing
Friendly Cartoon Face
Stable Grooved Alignment


HockBlock is the first convenient protection device to provide a Block  barrier to prevent the spread of patient particlates during the oropharyngeal exam.  Its quicker, faster and less embarrassing than washing your  face or clothing in the sink after you have just been “sprayed.”  

  • Faceshields and masks are cumbersome to put on and remove.  They are also impersonal and frightening to patients.
  • Gloves protect the hands, but do nothing for the arms or other exposed areas.

A sick patient’s mouth isn’t exactly a clean place; especially if you suspect a URI or  pharyngitis! Yet every day countless healthcare providers look directly into the festering cauldron of germs with tongue depressors and throat swabs and then ironically trigger a gag reflex or cough reflex! 

The gag reflex and tongue depressor have evolved perfectly over millions of years  to propel the bacterial and viral laden particles directly toward the innocent clinician. What better way could a germ strategist have devised to increase contamination?

Now with the HockBlock there is a protective shield for your defense!

Easy Storage
Quick to Attach
Easy to Use
Rapid Disposal

Simple to Understand
Inexpensive to Manufacture

The Hock Block: 
Simply Designed for Simple Protection

Shield Fits Quickly
Over Tongue Blade


Finger Tab
Bend Finger Tab
to create
Blade Stabilizer Groove

Reflection Enhanced
For Visibility in Picture

Just fit Roaring Lion
over tongue blade.
Insert and Advance fearlessly.