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Splash Cap
A lead product in our wound irrigation and wound care product line.


A novel approach to the delivery of medication and feedings for young children and the elderly.


MecAspirator  & MecSuction Universal Neonatal Suction Device!  These two models combine a meconium aspirator and a neonatal suction device in one product that allows you to be better prepared for ALL deliveries!  


Universal Fit Hook &  Loop Cable Ties. Extremely vesatile and reusable. StraPro’s are a convenient solution for your cable management and organization needs. For use in the hospital, office, home or on the go!


MecSuction: Meconium Aspirator

The MecSuction is the new Universal Newborn Suction device.  It is a combination of a routine sucion catheter and a meconium aspirator, which eliminates the need to switch devices in the midst of a hectic resuscitation.  You are always prepared with the MecSuction.

The MecSuction connector allows you to:

  • use one finger to regulate flow for standard routine suctioning through the catheter, keeping your ET tube clean for later insertion (*unlike the Kurtis MSD or DeLee traps).
  • connect to an ET tube for tracheal aspiration of meconium
  • regulate the vacuum control during meconium aspiration using one finger

You can do all this without any moving parts!!  Just change the orientation of the connector and the placement of your finger.  Its very simple.  Its the MecSuction!

Its the ONLY Universal Neonatal Suction Device!                  Use it for all routine deliveries and meconium deliveries.      ALWAYS be prepared!

*NRP recommends continuous suctioning of ETT contents.

MecSuction -
Univeral Neonatal Suction Device

MecSuction Technique

Suction First

...then Intubate

Control Routine Suction
with Thumb over Larger Double Port

Third View of Routine Suctioning
with Device now Flipped
Now Positioned and Ready for  Aspiration


then Aspirate AND Regulate!

Second View of Routine Suctioning
looking from
Smaller Variable control Port angle

Place Double Port over ET Tube
 to connect for
Endotraheal aspiration of Meconium.

  • Variable Regulation of Vacuum
    Using Smaller Port During Aspiration.
  • ET Tube wall blocks of Catheter Outlet to maintain vacuum pressure.

Benefits / Comparisons over other Meconium Aspirator Devices

No More Switching of Parts for Suctioning Prior to Intubation.

Which one? When? Repeat?
Which one? Now?

Eliminates Confusion
Reduces Chaos and Anxiety

Benefits over DeLee

  • Easier to Handle than DeLee
  • Larger I.D. than most DeLees
  • “Cleaner” catheter tip for insertion
  • Uses Standard ET tubes and technique
  • *DeLee can iatrogenically introduce meconium into a a pristine trachea. Meconium gets on outer diameter of catheter during the first pass.

Benefits over Kurtis MSD

  • MecAspirator uses standard ET tubes and techniques and is
  • Easier to Handle and Intubate
  • Kurtis MSD can iatrogenically introduce meconium into a a pristine trachea.  (*see DeLee).
  • Kurtis MSD is expensive!
  • Kurtis MSD is difficult to handle due to torque of attached hose which can be transmitted to neonates trachea.