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Splash Cap
A lead product in our wound irrigation and wound care product line.


A novel approach to the delivery of medication and feedings for young children and the elderly.


MecAspirator  & MecSuction Universal Neonatal Suction Device!  These two models combine a meconium aspirator and a neonatal suction device in one product that allows you to be better prepared for ALL deliveries!  


Universal Fit Hook &  Loop Cable Ties. Extremely vesatile and reusable. StraProís are a convenient solution for your cable management and organization needs. For use in the hospital, office, home or on the go!


POWERHuggersTM:    Easy Anchor Heavy Duty Cable Wrap

The SuperSized Cable Wrap.

  • Easy to Anchor
  • Quick to Release
  • Heavy Duty
  • Durable

With the POWERHuggerTM easy anchor tip, you donít need to pull the entire strap through the strap buckle in order to anchor.

This makes Attachment and Removal that much easier, quicker and less frustating than standard hook and loop cable straps.

This is especially important for longer  straps such as those that are 18 to 36 inches in length.  At these lengths the material will tend to snarl and tangle on itself using the older designs.  Luckily, now there is a new one!

You may have really wanted to use an extra large hook and loop strap but didnít want to deal with the hassles of the other products.   Now thereís POWERHuggerTM.


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